Sharyn Barr

Position: Practice Manager
Email: [email protected]

Contract Manager – Sharyn Barr

Responsible for the management of property contract files with the firm, Sharyn has been with the firm since 2010.

Sharyn has a keen eye for detail and is a qualified Project Manager, so has a unique set of skills that allow her to quickly assess a contract for risks and to apply risk mitigation strategies at lightning speed!

Supported by an extremely capable administration team, and with access to the latest software to manage property transactions and facilitate property searches, Sharyn’s expertise really shines when it comes to post-contractual negotiations or issue resolution.

‘We are looking for a win for our client, so it’s my job to really understand what it is that our client wants and to reach an agreement with the other party to allow the contract to proceed, we always put ourselves in our clients position and use our expertise to get them the best possible outcome!’

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