Why SavvyLaw Conveyancing?

Our staff are highly skilled in all aspects of managing property transactions and use smart technology to take the stress out of your next conveyancing matter. 

We are ‘tech-savvy’ professionals which enables us to conduct your matter from start to finish, on-line, with no-contact, and at lightning speed. We can even confirm your ID remotely using the latest biometric facial verification technology!

We have an app for your mobile or tablet that keeps you up to date using ‘push notifications’ to advise the progress of your matter whilst keeping all your communications with us in a secure real-time environment.

Using electronic conveyancing we can complete the exchange of property ownership entirely on-line in a secure platform used by all Australian financial institutions, ensuring the best possible chance of completing your property transfer in the contract timelines.

Funds can be transferred electronically at settlement eliminating the need for Bank Cheques to be supplied or received and removing any delay in waiting for settlement cheques to clear.

We will even lodge and pay transfer duty obligations for buyers and bank settlement funds for sellers!

Can things go wrong with a conveyance?

In short, YES!

The transfer of property is not a simple matter. There are many parties involved in the process; agents, brokers, banks, other sides solicitors, settlement agents, to name just a few, and they all need to be communicated with to ensure you have the best possible chance of completing the contract on the agreed terms within the agreed timeframes.

SavvyLaw Conveyancing have highly evolved processes and workflows that ensure you have the greatest chance of success in completing your contract on time with the minimum of disruption to your day.  We have well established processes for dealing with any issues that may arise during the conveyancing process and are 100% committed to working with our clients to deliver an exceptional service delivery experience.

Ideally, the contract would proceed as per the conditions agreed, but if any issues arise, it is SavvyLaw Conveyancing that will ensure your rights are protected and you are given the appropriate advice to resolve the issue.

We’ve got you!

I’ve already signed a contract – is it too late for legal advice?

No! We can still advise you on legal obligations associated with the document you have signed. We just can’t change the terms of the contract that you have already agreed upon.

I have had a signed contract for a week but haven’t put a conveyancing firm’s name on it yet. Is it too late to do so now?

No, it’s not too late, but the sooner you let us know about the contract the better! 

We will have one of our team evaluate the terms of the contract and conduct an immediate ‘Risk Assessment’ prior to escalating the matter to ensure all the appropriate communications are sent out immediately. 

This needs to be done to protect your rights and ensure none of the terms of the contract have been breached in the delay.  If the contract was signed over 5 business days ago then the ‘cooling off’ period has already expired, so the terms of the contract are now enforceable, so please send a copy of the contract to [email protected] as soon as possible and call us on 07 3733 1541 immediately!

Are there any ‘hidden costs’ in the conveyancing process?

Using the ‘Quick Quote’ tool on our website will give you a very clear picture of the costs involved in the Conveyancing process.  We include a search package estimate and the Government charges in here so you have all the facts with regard to the potential costs and outlays involved.

The fees for Conveyancing are made up of a number of areas:

  1. Solicitors Professional Fees;
  2. Fees and Disbursements on-charged by the solicitor;
  • Standard searches;
  • Buyer requested searches;
  • Bank requested notices;
  • Agent Fees to attend settlement or an Electronic Settlement (PEXA) fee;
  1. Lands Title Fees; Transfer Duty; Registration Fees.

All of these fees are clearly defined in our initial correspondence to you.

Item 2 is variable depending on your risk profile and how many additional searches you request.

Item 3 are government charges and are calculated on the DNRME calculator (see below):