Heather Andersen

Settlement Co-ordinator – Heather Andersen (JP)

Heather has been with the firm since 2017 and is tasked with the unenviable responsibility of ensuring all documentation is accurate and physically available on the morning of settlement.

There are very strict criteria around acceptance of documentation on the day of settlement, so it is imperative that Mortgage Releases, Transfer Documents, Bank Cheques and Settlement Instructions are 100% accurate and ready for delivery to our settlement agents prior to noon on the day of settlement.

As a Self Assessor firm for the Office of State Revenue, Heather also co-ordinates our client’s Transfer Duty Concession assessments and lodges the assessments with the Office of State Revenue.

Heather is a Qualified JP and as such can witness Transfer documents for our Sellers, and any other financial documents requiring a JP during the settlement process.

This is not a job for the ‘faint hearted’, and Heather is definitely the person you want on the job!

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